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Plan And Buy Advertising Across Screens For More Traffic, More Leads And More Sales!
As a top PPC company we deliver more than just traffic. Maximize ROI with the right Pay Per Click Marketing Strategy focusing on generating the right type of traffic and lower Cost Per Acquisition! We guarantee improved Return on Ad Spend by effectively utilizing all Ad Channels and ensure your business gets maximum results for every penny you spend.
PPC Management or PPC advertising is a detailed process requiring loads of research and analysis. O3 is a leading PPC company with process driven PPC services at its core. We have been able to successfully execute over a dozen of PPC campaigns that delivered highest returns in minimum investments. PPC seems easy on the front, but it’s a complicated science. This is where our PPC experts come into play. Our experts have both comprehensive knowledge as well as experience, which are the two skills that PPC demands. Others may deliver sales as much as we do, but what makes us special is we deliver you sales at the lowest cost possible.

Display Advertising
Display Advertising has the power of providing your business phenomenal reach. It is a must in every PPC advertising strategy. Whether its brand awareness, lead generation, app installs, or ecommerce sales, O3 PPC experts will help you meet the goals in the most cost effective manner.
Remarketing is a smart PPC advertising tool that lets you show ads to users who have visited your website before. It encourages customer engagement by softly swaying and reminding them about your services through relevant ads. At O3, our expertise with remarketing helps us effectively meeting campaign objectives every time.
Shopping Ads
Product Listing Ads or Shopping Ads are essential for any online retail business, or simply ecommerce business. However, setting up Shopping Ads is time intensive and requires a lot of efforts and continuous management. O3 excels at offering shopping ads advertising services that promote your business online and drive sales.
Mobile Advertising
Mobile Marketing or Mobile Advertising is a popular PPC marketing strategy that leads to better promotion, increased calls and sales. It involves advertising your business right on the mobile devises of potential customers and provides a unique opportunity to connect to consumers. As one of the top PPC companies we have the talent and expertise to meet the objectives every time.
Search Advertising
Search Advertising, also known as Paid Search, SEM, and PPC is one of the most crucial channels of advertising. A good Search Advertising campaign drives increased leads and revenues at reduced cost per customer acquisition (CPA). O3 has a team of dedicated PPC experts with right talent and years of experience in Search Advertising on Google as well as Bing, and they guarantee the most favorable results.
Social Media Advertising
Social Media Marketing has higher reach as well as engagement than Display marketing. It also has lower CPCs than Search Advertising. It is therefore a highly effective and popular tool for advertising. A good social media advertising strategy including platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. could deliver results if it’s well-planned and well-executed. At O3, we use result driven social media ad strategies, latest ad formats, remarketing tools, and insights from analytics to deliver you best results.

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