How to Measure the Performance of Paid Media Advertising

Paid marketing
April 09, 19 admin

Paid marketing is a way of advertising something by paying a certain amount. It can be a TV advertisement or publicizing the brand through newspaper or radio. But at present, Pay Per Click (PPC) adverts have become a rage in the marketing industry. Paid advertisements always appear on the top results of search engine exactly

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How SEO & PPC Are Better for Small Business Marketing? 

March 26, 19 admin

Startups and small businesses need branding to gain the customer’s attention. Once their business becomes a brand, it will be easy for them to attract users. Digital Marketing Company experts always claim that nothing can be better than SEO and PPC for promoting their business. It will be hard to say whether PPC is better or SEO. Pay Per Click (PPC) can show the

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