Why is SEO important?

As the majority of search engine users prefer to click the top 5 search results, and SEO can help you with that.

What are the three stages of the SEO Process?

SEO works on different stages with different rules, such as:

  • Technical SEO: It is necessary for website crawling and indexing.
  • On-Page SEO: Optimization of the site to make it search-engine friendly.
  • Off-Page SEO: It refers to the promotion of your site or blogs to rank better.

How much time does SEO take?

There is no definite time for it, but generally, you will start seeing results within 3-6 months. The result can get better with time, here SEO is also required to maintain top position.

Which is better SEO or PPC?

The traffic generated with SEO is organic and free whereas, the traffic generated with PPC is paid. If you require quick results, then you can go for PPC but for long term results nothing is better than SEO.


What is the role of Social Media in business marketing?

Social media platforms allow you to connect with a mass number of people at once. These platforms help you increase awareness about your brand, generate more traffic and boost your sales.

Can SMO Effect the SEO?

Although, there is no direct relationship between SEO and social media, but investing in social media can indirectly help you drive SEO results. Social media pages with a proper call to action and information can help customers get in touch with you

How to Get More Followers?

Frequent posting asking people to follow you, won’t work. You need to give your audience relevant reasons to follow you. High-quality and creative content can keep your audience engaged.

How to measure ROI in Social Media?

Social media ROI can be measured by:-

ROI= Net Profit/Total Investment X 100

Web Design & Development FAQs

How long does it take to design a website?

The time we take to build a website mainly depends on its type and complexities, although, we try our best to deliver you the quality website within the limited time period.

How much a website cost me?

The cost of the website varies as per its complexity, design, type and number of pages. Feel free to contact us to discuss the cost of the website design and development.

Do you offer after sale services once web-designing is completed?

Yes, we are always available to support you with the website we have designed. If you come across any issue or requires to modify the website in any way, then we are there for you 24/7.

Are your websites mobile-friendly?

Yes, we know how important it is to have a mobile-friendly website from both user point of view and SEO, thus, we always make sure that the sites design and built by us should fit every screen. We test our sites on different platforms to make sure it is responsive as well as working smoothly.

Content FAQs

How important is the content?

Google loves quality content. Content which provides relevant information and covers primary keywords always get the good ranking on the search results.

Is the content you write is unique?

To the best of our knowledge, the content written by our writers is unique and original. We don’t believe in plagiarism, moreover, we respect other writer’s work and don’t want to copy it.

Why do I need content marketing for my business?

Content marketing can prove to be a great investment as quality and relevant content can bring more visitors on your website which will ultimately result in better conversion and sales rate.

How important are blog and articles?

Blog and article posting on your site and other mediums can not only provide information to the reader about your brand, but it will also help in improving your ranking on the search engine.

AdWords FAQs

What is Google AdWords?

Google Adwords is a way of reaching the audience that is already looking for the type of service or product you are selling. It is a paid form of marketing that brings instant results.

How we have to pay for Google AdWords?

Many people think that Google AdWords is an expensive way of targeting the audience. However, it is not. You just have to pay-per-click. When a potential customer clicks your Ad, you get to pay for it.

Where will my Ad show up?

Most probably, your ad will show on the top of the search results or on the side of the searches. It targets the customers that are interested in your product or service.

Does the landing page speed affect AdWords Quality Score?

Yes, of course, the speed of the landing page is one of the factors that can affect the score. If your site takes time to load, then it will surely hamper the score.

Video Explainer FAQs

What is Video Explainer?

Videos explainers are short animated videos that are used by business to promote their brand by telling their brand stories in interesting ways.

What types of explainer service do you offer?

We offer four types of video explainer services, which are as follows:

  • 2D Animated Video.
  • 3D Animated Video.
  • Whiteboard
  • Motion Graphics

How much time is needed to create a video explainer?

It entirely depends on the type of video you want. 2D videos take 1 to 2 weeks to complete, 3D videos take almost a month depending on the complexity and whiteboard videos take less time, can be around 1 week.

Is video explainer effective for promotion?

Yes, it is an effective way of connecting to the audience. They offer both audio and visual stimulus to explain your product and service. As per a recent survey, a customer who watch your video are more likely to make a purchase.

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