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New channels and platforms of promotion are emerging daily, and mobile marketing is taking a strong lead. Maximize your profits and boost your sales significantly. Don’t miss out on a great business opportunity – go mobile!
The number of mobile phone users is growing rapidly and outnumbers PC users – that is why your business can’t ignore the possibility of reaching the massive audience. As a leading digital marketing company, o3 lets you interact with users on a more personal level. We can manage your entire mobile marketing campaign. Just provide us with the required information and we’ll do the rest including outlining mobile marketing strategy, audience profiling, campaign design and development, and execution and tracking.


There are more mobile device users than PC users
Around 68% of companies have integrated mobile marketing in their marketing efforts
Around 88% of total mobile time is spent on apps while the remaining is spent on websites
An average mobile phone user spends about 90 minutes on their phone everyday
About 95% of the total text messages are opened and 85% are read within three minutes
Text messages have relatively higher response rate than emailers
44% of the total time spent on the internet is through mobile phones
Mobile marketing is cost effective

We ensure that as good as your website performs on the PC, it will perform equally well across various mobile devices.
We understand the potential for mobile marketing for the success of your business, and that’s why our mobile advertising campaigns are based on accurate consumer targeting.
We’ll create a structured plan for reaching customers through SMS that are highly result oriented. Our SMS marketing platform lets you reach a wider demographic quickly, at the right time, and without even requiring internet.
From start to end, we’ll implement the latest, necessary marketing campaigns to ensure that your mobile app stands out from your competitors. We’ll discover your app’s unique value and use cohesive mobile marketing strategy to positively influence your app’s reach and installation.
We’ll perform app store optimization in order to generate organic installs of your app and thus drive more organic users. Your app will achieve high rank and will get noticed in all app stores.